Workforce Optimization

Healthcare Workforce Worries Won’t Go Away

“…keeping healthcare CEOs up at night are the ability to meet demand, the impact of new operating models upon staff, supporting workforce wellness, and recruiting new talents.”

The Challenge of Workforce Optimization

With the increasing attrition of healthcare providers and higher costs of new hiring, healthcare leaders are challenged with managing costs, maintaining employee morale and delivering quality care.

Bloom Solution

Workforce Optimization Engine

Our Workforce Optimization Engine brings together encounter data with workforce data and external data into a common coordinate system.

Bloom's Analytics and AI Models process this integrated data to help drive value for healthcare leaders.

Solution Value

Optimize workforce allocation to maintain employee satisfaction

Improve employee mix utilization

Realign workloads to revenue

Guide optimal hiring decisions

Bloom Value’s Workforce Optimization Engine combines your data with external data to answer these questions.
Just AskBloom!


  • Should I approve this hiring request?
  • Is my staff being utilized appropriately?


  • What is the total cost of staffing, should we use temp staff or hire permanent at higher salaries?
  • Which services yield the highest RPE?

HR Director

  • How are my permanent staff members handling the traveling nurse program?
  • How are my nurse managers connecting to the rest of the staff?


  • How does staffing affect patient satisfaction?
  • How is my hospitalist team doing compared to my in-house attending physicians?

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