Drive action with a Smarter AI Solution

Yield targeted value in a matter of weeks

Meet the Intelligent AI/ML Engines That Transform Your Business


Drive actions to recover costs and increase revenue for risk-bearing entities.


Meaningful views can allow for better workforce decisions and engagement.


Insights for financial leaders can directly trigger actions to recapture revenue.


Increase revenue and offset utilization leading to actionable member/patient engagement.

A Differentiating Methodology

Beginning with a driving enterprise question, Bloom offers an unprecedented approach methodology. The solution embeds the healthcare business and process models, aligning to actionable optimization levers. Data-driven insights can then trigger population-to patient-level actions, improving organization metrics.
Our AI Solutions are designed to create insights from your data and enable insight driven actions which fit into client’s transformed processes with value tracking.

Our FAST AI solution is designed to yield targeted value in a matter of weeks. We deliver an enterprise-wide optimization solution to overcome myopia prevalent in healthcare today. The solution spans clinical, financial, and operational domains to form a unified view that is truly actionable. Using limited to broad data, the solution’s AI/ML foundational engines allow for rapidly delivering dashboard views with efficient drill-down even to the patient level. Tasks can be triggered easily within the solution with a click notifying other enterprise systems throughout the organization.

Why Bloom?

Our AI Solutions templates are designed to create insights from your data and enable insight-driven actions that fit into clients’ transformed processes with value tracking.

Question//Start with an enterprise question

Implement//Deploys within weeks instead of months

Process//Embeds clients business models and processes

Views//Establishes enterprise wide views crossing silos

Data//Powered by even limited data sources

Action//Triggers enterprise actions from within

Insights//Offers insights and transformation as a service

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