Revenue Optimization

Healthcare Provider Incur Losses in 2022

“Despite an end-of-year upswing, about half of U.S. hospitals finished 2022 with a negative margin, data shows.”

Margins Hammered as Hospitals Faced Rough Financial Year in 2022

The Challenge of Revenue Optimization

Capturing charges accurately and coding claims is often a complex process fraught with gaps. Healthcare providers lose up to 5% of revenue due to these gaps.

Bloom Solution

Revenue Optimization Engine

Our Revenue Optimization Engine brings together claims data with clinical data, external data and charge capture and other data into a common coordinate system.

Bloom's Analytics and AI Models process this integrated data to help drive value for value based care providers.

Solution Value

Increase revenue recovered

Reduce denials

Improve coding quality

Improve contract negotiations

Improve charge capture

Bloom Value’s Revenue Optimization Engine combines your data with external data to answer these questions.
Just AskBloom!


  • Are we getting paid according to our contract?
  • How do our service lines compare from a revenue perspective?

Director of Coding

  • How do I optimize coding workload while aligning with coder expertize?
  • How can I train my coders to recognize potential opportunities to improve coding quality?

VP of Patient Accounts

  • Which patient accounts should we write off?
  • Which accounts should we hand out to vendors for management?

VP of Rev Cycle

  • Are we leaving money on the table?
  • How good is our revenue integrity, are we capturing all charges?

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