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The Greatest Challenges Can be Overcome with AI/ML Driven Solutions

Organizations today lack the ability to leverage data to visualize their healthcare enterprise. They are spending months or even years building custom analysis tools, implementing complex software, outsourcing data analysis, among pursing other uncertain paths. Bloom Value’s game changing approach to illuminating your healthcare insights is powered by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
The result is an enterprise-wide visualization unlike any other to immediately uncover major revenue and cost savings opportunities. Bloom transcends the typical departmental silos for a holistic financial, clinical and operational view empowering action at population to the patient levels.

BLOOM Risk Optimization Success Story

“Usually, we engage on a reactive basis to things that have already happened. With Bloom, I can identify trends and actually visualize the calculations of financial metrics on a real-time basis. Bloom has completely transformed our healthcare enterprise from a reactive to a proactive financial model.”

Chief Financial Officer, A California IPA

Days Reduction In Average Time To Authorize

% Increase In Denials

$ Minimum Savings In Headcount Per Year

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