About Bloom Value

Bloom Value leverages data to create targeted value for IPAs.

How does Bloom Value work?

Fast AI Platform

Why Bloom?

Bloom’s mission is to enable healthcare providers to leverage their data to create targeted value and address financial and operational challenges. Our solutions combine the provider’s data sources with external data sources and apply AI, automation, and process transformation capabilities to create value.

Bloom Value Corporation is a Norwalk, CT-based, stealth mode, tech startup launched by industry veterans to apply Enterprise AI to the U.S. Healthcare Provider Market.

Founder and CEO Dr. Arun Hampapur brings enterprise AI experience to Bloom Value. Dr. Hampapur received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and holds over one hundred and fifty U.S. patents. As a distinguished engineer and a Director of Research at IBM, Dr. Hampapur has developed enterprise AI solutions across several industries, including homeland security, smart cities, travel, banking, and retail. He founded Bloom Value to apply Enterprise AI approaches to US Healthcare.

We specialize in speed-to-value delivery through our Healthcare FinOps™ solutions powered by our FAST AI Solution Templates™ platform.

Bloom is continuing to develop a broad range of AI templates enabling us to become the “one-stop AI shop” for all non-clinical applications of data for providers. Our growing family of templates covers revenue, provider, risk contract, cost optimization, compliance, price transparency, and more.

With our FAST FinOps Templates, we promise six weeks to value at a fraction of the cost of today’s AI platforms while creating a building block structure for healthcare enterprise AI for each client.

Our Team

Our team has combined hundreds of hours of experience in technology, AI, and healthcare companies. We obsessively seek ways to add value to healthcare organizations through visibility and transformational AI. 

Arun Hampapur, Ph.D.

CEO & Co-Founder

Venu Kondle, M.D.


Sampoorna Hegde

Chief Innovative Officer & Co-Founder

Robin Brown

VP of Business Development

Amanda Light

Solutions Sales Leader

Carrie Denny

Product Manager

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