6 weeks to value. 3 clicks to action.

The Most Intelligent Enterprise Optimization Solution for Healthcare Providers

Let Bloom Value’s AI put your data to work for you.

6 weeks to value. 3 clicks to action.

Use Your Data and Bloom’s FAST Platform To Create Rapid Actionable Value

Bloom Value enables healthcare providers to leverage their data to create targeted value and address financial and operational challenges. Our solutions combine the provider’s and external data sources and apply AI, automation, and process transformation capabilities to create value.


Optimize your risk contracts using data an AI. Improve compliance and quality. Reduce costs while improving member health outcomes.


Increase reimbursement from providers. Use data and AI to audit your inpatient claims, identify denial patterns and prevent denials, improve charge capture and optimize your revenue cycle.


Optimize your staffing across your healtchcare enterprise. Optimize regular to temporary staffing rations. Optimize service line staffing. Proactivly identify and address emerging employee satisfaction.


Optimize your current and future patient engagement. Identify and engage potential elective procedure candidates. Optimize your marketing and outreach efforts across channels.

What is the narrative of your data?

Data Tells A STORY

Ask Bloom™ and our engines drive actions to improve compliance, increase margins and improve care quality.

Keep patients engaged with their PCP to avoid costly hospital stays.
Gain glass-box visibility into your operations. Be proactive instead of reactive to events.
Engage your payors with the power of your data at your fingertips.

Watch Your Risk-Bearing Organization Bloom

Bloom Value clients experience substantial cost and time savings across their financial and operational teams in a matter of weeks.


Reduction in Medical
Loss Ratio


Increase in
Profit Margin


Decrease in
Admin Headcount


Reduction in
Authorization Time

As healthcare leaders, our common goal is to provide compassionate, quality care for our patients. When margins are compromised, care is compromised.

Our goal is to empower IPAs and RBOs with the information they need to take control of their revenue and profitability.

Sister Irene Kraus


“Usually, we are reactive to things that have already happened. With Bloom, I can identify trends. I can see the calculations of financial metrics on a real-time basis. I can see exceptions as they occur so that I can react to them. This changes us from a reactive financial model to a proactive financial model using Bloom.

Chief Financial Officer of a California IPA

“With Bloom, we have had a birds-eye view into the operation of our current team and its process. We can see benchmark metrics, touches per authorization, the performance of the UM staff, and the over and under-utilization of our providers. With a model that uses data and AI, we have seen a significant reduction in our utilization management effort.  

Director of Utilization Management of a California IPA

“When we kicked off with Bloom, we were delighted to get an answer to our procedure benchmarking in one day. I have seen the ability of their six weeks to value model deliver ongoing actionable insights on a weekly basis. For every hour we invest in Bloom’s tools and services, we save hundreds of hours of data wrangling effort.” 

Chief Medical Officer of a California IPA

Why Bloom?

Our AI Solutions templates are designed to create insights from your data and enable insight-driven actions that fit into clients’ transformed processes with value tracking.

Question//Start with an enterprise question

Implement//Deploys within weeks instead of months

Process//Embeds clients business models and processes

Views//Establishes enterprise wide views crossing silos

Data//Powered by even limited data sources

Action//Triggers enterprise actions from within

Insights//Offers insights and transformation as a service

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